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I Support Cannabusiness

As a member of NORML I obviously support cannabis legalization for both medical and recreational adult use. I support the right of an individual to seek out the medicine they choose and I support the right of every adult to make their own decisions about the way they want to live their life.  I also support the right of any adult who is willing to take the risk to invest themselves and their money into starting a legal business and to do so without interference or harassment.

While cannabusiness is still in its infancy in Wisconsin, the folks who are jumping in on the ground floor face a lot of challenges. Challenges that no other legal businesses face. I believe we owe our support to these entrepreneurs the same as we would anyone else. Their concerns are no less valid just because they are trying to make a better life for themselves. I feel it is in the best interest of all, that we get behind legislation and legislators that benefit those in the hemp industry just as we do for those who are sick or those who simply want the liberty to make their own choices.

I believe that standing behind cannabusiness is an important part of our over all activism. The more the industry grows the more leverage our arguments will have with lawmakers. The more jobs we create and the more revenue we generate, the harder the benefits of legalization are to dismiss by the powers that be.

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