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Rep. John Spiros 86th Assembly District Spring Marijuana Survey

Representative John Spiros Assembly District 86 (R - Marshfield)
Representative John Spiros
Assembly District 86
(R – Marshfield)

Rep John Sprios (R-Marshfield) representing Wisconsin’s 86th Assembly District and Chair of the 2019 Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety  has a question about marijuana for you, the constituents that live within the following area:

Marshfield, Aburndale, Browkaw, Marathon City, Kronenwetter, Mosinee and surrounding areas. (District Map Link: https://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/?asm=86&single=y)

He is the CHAIR of the 2019 Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
This committee has been assigned Assembly Bill 220 / Legal Opportunity / the legalization bill sponsored by Melissa Sargent.
So if you are not a a constituent of his you may want to approach Rep. Spiros via Telephone at (608) 266-1182 or email at Rep.Spiros@legis.wisconsin.gov and phrase your phone call or email with direct support of Assembly Bill 220 “Legalize Opportunity” and add “Please do not hold up this legislation in committee. Please hold a public hearing and put this piece of legislation to a floor vote!”
Legalize Opportunity
Legalize Opportunity

For more information on Assembly Bill 220 Legalize Opportunity please visit out website:

If you live in this district please contact us today as we need some assistance directly in his district by his constituents!
Here is the question on his spring budget survey:
Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been proposed. Law enforcement, educators and the medical community oppose legalization. Which best describes your views on marijuana legalization?
I do not support any legalization of marijuana use
I support limited medical legalization only
I support full decriminalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use
Answer Rep. Sprios spring / budget survey with a marijuana question by using the following link:

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