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Social Media Activism Storm: Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

Day Four of Wisconsin NORML Social Media Storm is Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. Robin Vos is one of the biggest road blocks to cannabis reform. He has stated willingness on medical cannabis reform, but hides behind his party and his stance against recreational legalization.

Please use professional language, take screenshots of your posts! Happy Storming!

Facebook: allows posts)
Twitter: @repvos And @SpeakerRobinVos
Office: (608) 266-9171

Robin Vos said he is open to legalizing medical cannabis but he doesn’t want that to “lead us down a slippery slope where there’s pot on every corner.”

Some could argue it is already on every corner. Wisconsin needs to legalize and properly regulate a market that already saturated our culture.

Vos said of Governor Evers’ budget, “It makes it easier to get recreational marijuana and provides a pathway to full legalization, which I do not support. I’m open to medical marijuana when it’s prescribed by a doctor but it has to be done in a targeted way without allowing recreational use.”

When it comes to Robin Vos, money talks, and we want to play to the tax revenue recreational cannabis sales could bring to Wisconsin. Let’s talk to Representative Vos about his tax and funding belief and how much money can be created to solve his problems without hurting his bottom line. Which is what he really cares about.

Here are some examples of Vos’ tax and governmental finance views.

Vos has publicly stated he is for more taxes and even possibly toll roads.

Vos is suggesting cutting funds available for priorities like education, health care and roads instead of closing a tax loophole exploited by the wealthiest Wisconsinites, according to media reports. Vos has previously said he opposes any changes to a state tax loophole for owners of manufacturing businesses, while tax records obtained by One Wisconsin Now show Robin J. Vos Enterprises reported $0 net state tax liability for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.…/robin-boss-vos-to-wisconsin-…/

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