State Senator Alberta Darling.
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Social Media Activism Storm: State Senator Alberta Darling

State Senator Alberta Darling.
State Senator Alberta Darling.

Day Two of the Wisconsin NORML Social Media Storm focuses on State Senator Alberta “not so” Darling.

We understand allowing posts may not mean they appear immediately on the representative’s wall, but we are still showing popularity to the issue. Also, make sure to return to the page to make sure you are not blocked.

Please use professional language, take screenshots of your posts! Happy Storming!

Facebook: (currently allows posts) (No Posts)
Twitter: @SenDarling
Phone: (608) 266-5830

Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, at a luncheon eradicate the chances the governor’s sweeping cannabis proposal in the state budget will become law anytime soon.

“When you read what he actually has in his budget, it’s really off-the-wall scary,”

Let’s tell Senator Darling some truly “Off-the-wall” scary facts!

Here are some examples:
The 2nd and 3rd worst cities in America for black people are in Wisconsin.…

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin Lost 150 Manufacturing Plants.…/under-scott-walker-wisconsin-los…/

Wisconsin roads are ranked 44th, internet access is 41st, and transportation is 34th.

In 2015 road fatalities, 64% of 390 drivers tested positive of having alcohol in their system.…/safety/ed…/drunk-drv/ddcrash.aspx

There are definitely some Scary things going on in Wisconsin. Alberta Darling wants you to think cannabis reform is one of them. Let’s get our priorities straight Senator Darling!

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