Representative Jesse L. James Assembly District 68 (R - Altoona)
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Rep. Jesse James (R-Altoona) Spring Marijuana Question Survey

Representative Jesse L. James

Assembly District 68

(R – Altoona)

Serving parts of Eau Claire, Jackson, Chippewa and Clark Counties.

If you live in this district please contact us today as we need some assistance directly in his district by his constituents!

Link to survey:

Here is the question on his spring budget survey:

Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been proposed. Law enforcement, educators and the medical community oppose legalization. Which best describes your views on marijuana legalization?

I do not support any legalization of marijuana use

I support limited medical legalization only

I support full decriminalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use

Editors Note: As of January 3rd, 2020 his office has not release the survey results on his website nor responded to our request for them.

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