Stereotypes: Are You Breaking The Mold Or Reinforcing It?

Cannabis consumers are as varied as the stars in the sky. We come from all walks of life. No two cannabis consumers are exactly the same. The one thing we have in common is our undying belief in the wonders of the cannabis plant. Cannabis culture is one of the few that celebrate diversity. No matter who you are, where you came from or where you’re going, cannabis consumers will in large part, always welcome others like them into the fold.

We are so many different things it would be impossible to pay homage to them all. Which brings me to the things we are not. We are not the stereotypical stoner that those outside of our circle like to portray us as in all the various forms of media. We are not stupid, lazy or criminals. So why are people playing into that stereotype?

We have a mission. That mission is to legalize cannabis in all it’s forms here in the State of Wisconsin. In order for that to happen, we need to prove we are good people that are no different than everyone else. We need to create a positive image of who we are and maintain that image. We need to show them we are responsible, respectable people. Not the type of people they were told we were.

I’m probably going to upset a few people with what I am about to say but it needs to be said. If you react negatively to what I’m about to say then you are probably one of the people that should pay close attention. So, pitter-patter lets get at ‘er.

I am seeing a lot of personal behaviors that are not shedding a good light on our cause. I’m seeing hatefulness, name calling, bickering over petty things and various other forms of rude and unacceptable behavior taking place within our movement. If I’m seeing this stuff, so is the general public and our elected officials. That behavior is not helping anything. It is making a better argument for prohibition than for legalization.

That isn’t what NORML stands for. We work for change through education, discussion, cooperation and building relationships. Not by name calling, shaming, cussing or otherwise acting like spoiled children. This is not the message we want to send. Verbal flatulence might be all the rage these days but it is unacceptable here. If you can’t hold yourself to higher standards than that, you aren’t a benefit to what we are trying to accomplish. Putting politicians and the public on the defensive is counterproductive.

With that said. It’s time to move on and move forward in a manner that properly represents the cannabis consumer.

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