We Need To Stand Behind Our Vote

This past election voters removed long standing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) in favor of our new Governor Tony Evers (D). It was a clear signal that voters were ready for a change. One of those changes voters were ready for was change to the current Wisconsin laws concerning Cannabis. Voters have said loud and clear they favor legalizing cannabis both recreational and medical. Not just in voting for Governor Tony Evers (D) but also in a non-binding referendum.

You voted. Your job is over. Right? Um… No. If you voted, that means your job is just beginning. Unless of course you want your vote to be worthless. How could a vote be worthless you ask? We have a legislative majority that continues to cling to their outdated, prohibitionist ways. All they have to do is sit on their hands and do nothing and any attempt our Governor makes to legalize Cannabis will go absolutely nowhere. They can shut down the process simply by refusing to acknowledge it. Our Governor could have every Democrat in the Legislature on his side and it would still go nowhere. That is how a vote becomes worthless.

It doesn’t have to be worthless and it won’t be if you make the choice to stand behind your vote. Call or email your Senator and your Assembly person and tell them you expect them to cooperate with efforts to legalize cannabis. Better yet, if you’re in the area visit them personally. Additionally becoming an active member of organizations like Northern Wisconsin NORML you can lend your talents and skills to affect change.

If we don’t start to work together and invest our time, money and effort into creating change, no change is going to take place. Our legislature has pretty much promised us it won’t change. Even if we can’t change our Legislators minds, we can educate the public so the next time elections roll around, they can make an informed decision when choosing their Senators and Representatives. They will know who is standing in the way of reform when they go to the polls and hopefully will make some much needed changes in our Senate and Assembly.

In conclusion it is up to each and every one of us that voted to decided if we want our vote to be worthless or if we are going to stand behind the things we voted for. I’ve made my choice.

If you don’t know who your Representatives are you can go to the Wisconsin State Legislator website to find out. You will also find contact information there. If you would like to become a member of Northern Wisconsin NORML click here to join.

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