Editorial: Wisconsin must reform or we will be left in the smoke!

The Cannabis plant as a whole, including all cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and many others) found within, should be fully legal for adults to possess, grow, and use – for medicine, for creating a livelihood, and/or for fun!

The medical, economic, and personal benefits of Cannabis are undeniable at this point, and the unjust laws, that disproportionately impact minority communities, are see through as well. Frankly, it’s disgusting! We can all see that reefer madness, which was led by Harry Anslinger in the 30s, was just racist propaganda used to control and imprison certain groups of people, yet almost 100 years later we are still working to remove the stigma created by their Prohibitionist lies!?!

Alcohol and tobacco, the true gateway drugs, are found in every gas station, grocery store, pharmacy, etc. across the country, and kill thousands annually. Prescription opioids, heroin, and meth kill thousands too. Meanwhile, Cannabis alone kills nobody, and is being used to help people overcome more harmful addictions! It has been used throughout history, millions of people continue to use it, despite it being illegal, and there has never been an epidemic or crisis, other than the one we created by criminalizing our fellow humans for using a plant.

Wisconsin must reform or we will be left in the smoke! “Medical only” legalization leaves control in the hands government and doctors, and the big interest groups that manipulate them. Full legalization with home grow is the only option, and our fight won’t end until that’s achieved.

Ben Seume


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