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Police say legal marijuana impacting drug traffickers

….”Talking to our narcotics investigators, they think there is a direct correlation to the legalization of marijuana in all of these states, the drying up of the marijuana money for the cartels and the increase in fentanyl, the increase in heroin, the increase in methamphetamine,” Smith said.

“You’re going to hear that from law enforcement and I probably agree with that,” responded Jay Selthofner from the Northern Wisconsin Chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

When asked if he is surprised to hear how much marijuana is coming to Wisconsin from legal states, he replied, “No.”

He added, “America’s appetite for marijuana is huge.”

Selthofner says marijuana does have a positive impact on heroin-related deaths. A 2018 Rand study found that states with “medical marijuana dispensaries” saw a drop in “opioid-related overdoses.”

“Prohibition in general doesn’t work. We’ve seen it has failed,” he said.

Selthofner says the solution is simple: Legalize marijuana.

“The best way to combat illicit marijuana coming into your state is to develop a program opposite of prohibition,” Selthofner told FOX 11 Investigates….
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