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Appleton Area Rally to Target Senator Roger Roth



WHAT:       Rally in Support of Marijuana Reform

WHEN:      Wednesday November 28th at 12:00pm

WHERE:    1033 W College Ave / in front of Senator Roger Roth’s district office

WHY:         Marijuana reform is good and Senator Roth’s stance is bad

WHO:        Northern Wisconsin NORML and area supporters


November 22, 2018


This Thanksgiving, patients in the 33 states with medical marijuana laws are surely thankful they have access to safe and effective medicines through compassionate use laws.  This Thanksgiving, recreational marijuana users are thankful for the 10 states that are leading the way on the path to legalization. In Wisconsin, we are very thankful for our citizens taking the opportunity to engage in conversation locally, which lead to 16 county and 2 city referendums on the topic of marijuana reform.  In Wisconsin, we are even more thankful to the citizens who voted in favor of marijuana reform. Your voices will not fall on deaf ears in our state!


What we are not thankful for is the continued and outdated prohibitionist type stance that our elected officials seem to cling to here in Wisconsin.   We are not thankful for our leaders dismissing science and the will of the people. We are not thankful for our politicians continuing to put medical marijuana patients and veterans on the battlefield of this so called “war on drugs”.  We are not thankful that our tax dollars continue to be wasted on prohibition of marijuana. We are not thankful for having a felony charge for simple possession of a plant that is legal, regulated and taxed in a state that borders our own.


Locally, we are not thankful for Senator Roger Roth at the moment.   His recent statements regarding the need for more scientific studies of medical marijuana are his personal opinion and not represented by fact, science, logic or even compassion.  The total number of peer-reviewed scientific papers dedicated to cannabis, and the therapeutic use of cannabis in particular, has increased exponentially in recent years from 531,664 to 1,282,229.  


Even more, we are not thankful for Senator Roth’s lack of compassion and understanding for our veterans.  Veterans consume cannabis at rates far higher than the general population, and many report using it for medical purposes.  The Disabled American Veterans Department of Wisconsin passed a resolution supporting medical marijuana in 2017.


Join area activists at a street side rally at the district office of Senator Roger Roth, located at 1033 W. College Ave in Appleton, Wisconsin on Wednesday November 28th, 2018.  


Those who cannot attend are urged to contact the Senator by phone, email or in person to express your support of marijuana reform. Tell Senator Roger Roth to stand up for Wisconsin, stand up for patients, stand up for veterans, and stand up for safe access to marijuana in Wisconsin.  We need a common sense approach from our leaders, not a head in the sand sinking mentality, hanging onto the lies of prohibition.


For more information or media inquiries, please contact Jay Selthofner at Northern Wisconsin NORML via email at or directly at 920-410-2920.


press release
Press Release

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