Representative Rob Stafsholt Assembly District 29 (R - New Richmond)
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Incumbent Republican Stafsholt indicates supporting medical marijuana

It is becoming more normal to see candidates asked about marijuana reform by main stream media and that is thanks to NORML! It is also becoming more normal to see all candidates support medical marijuana as was in the case of the 29th Assembly District.

Wisconsin’s 29th District Assembly seat incumbent Republican Rob Stafsholt faced his two opponents, Democrat John Rocco Calabrese and Libertarian Brian Corriea, in a forum Thursday, Oct. 11 at the New Richmond Civic Center.

Legalization of medical marijuana:

Corriea: “I support the legalization of all marijuana, medical and recreational.


Calabrese: “Yes.”

Read the whole article entitled Plenty of differences in race for 29th Assembly seat here.

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