Gordon Hintz
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Democrat Rep. Gordon Hintz statements about cannabis reform

10/19/2018 OSHKOSH — State Rep. Gordon Hintz is facing his first unopposed election.

Gordon Hintz
GoRdon Hintz

The longtime Wisconsin politician, who has represented the 54th Assembly District since 2006, assumed the role of Assembly minority leader in 2017, taking over after the seven-year term of Peter Barca.

Before serving as minority leader, he served two terms on the Joint Finance Committee and was a member of the State Building Commission. He authored bills on payday lending regulations, the carbon monoxide detector law and public financing for Supreme Court elections.

Locally, he helped secure funding for The Grand Oshkosh and Sage Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He was named 2018 legislator of the year by the Wisconsin Public Health Association for securing funding for county public health agencies to fight communicable diseases.

Hintz lives in Oshkosh with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Beatrix.

Would you support changing state law to legalize marijuana and/or cannabis products? If so, under what conditions? If not, why?

It is time for Wisconsin to have a serious conversation of reforming its marijuana laws. The majority of states in the country have legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana use, and the benefits outweigh the concerns. Many communities in Wisconsin, including Oshkosh, have been decriminalizing marijuana possession. I support legalizing medicinal marijuana and full legalization depending on the details of the law and regulation.


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