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Wisconsin Legislative Scorecard 2017

Here’s a legislative scorecard we put together with NORML on cannabis (“marijuana”) during the 2017 legalization session in Wisconsin.

Let’s hand out some grades A+ – F

AB409 Decriminalization
AJR7 Referendum
AB75 Medical marijuana
SA1 Medical amendment
AB147 / AB183 Industrial hemp bills
AB158 CBd

Notice, on this list NO REPUBLICAN backs any bills for legalization or medical! Republicans are only found on decriminalization bills.

A+ District48 Melissa Sargent AB409 AJR7 AB75 AB147/AB183 AB158
B+ District 71 Katrina Shankland AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB409 AB158
A+ District76 Chris Taylor AB409 AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147 AB158
A District65 Tod Ohnstad AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147 AB158
A District17 David Crowley AB409 AJR7 AB75 AB147/AB183 AB158
A District19 Jonathan Brostoff AB409 AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147
A District18 Evan Goyke AB409 AJR7 AB75 SA1
A District77 Terese Berceau AB409 AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147 AB158
A- D9 Josh Zepnick AB409 AJR7 AB75 AB158
A- District 47 Jimmy Anderson AB409 AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB158
A- District 81 Dave Considine AB409 AB147
A- District 10 David Bowen AB409 AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147/AB183
A- District 79 Dianne Hesselbein AB147 AB158
A- District 76 Lisa Subek AB409 AJR7 AB75 AB147 AB158
A- District 80 Sondy Pope AB409 AJR7 AB75 AB147/AB183 AB158

B+ District 12 Frederick Kessler AB409
B+ District 21 Christine Sinicki AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147 AB158

B District 91 Dana Wachs AJR7 SA1
B District 45 Mark Spritzer AB409 AJR7 AB75 AB147
B District 44 Deb Kolste AB409 AB147
B District 44 Gary Hebl AB75
B District 90 Eric Genrich AB409 AB75 SA1 AB147/AB183

B- District 7 Daniel Riemer SA1
B- District 8 Jocasta Zamarripa AJR7 AB75 SA1 AB147
B- District 11 Jason Fields
B- District 16 Leon Young
B- District 43 Don Vruwink
B- District 54 Gordon Hintz AB409 AB75
B- District 57 Amanda Stuck SA1
B- District 64 Peter Barca AB147
B- District 66 Cory Mason AB409
B- District 73 Nick Milroy AB147
B- District 74 Beth Meyers
B- District 94 Steve Doyle AJR7 AB75 AB158
B- District 95 Jill Billings AJR7 AB158

D+ District 1 Joel Kitchens Ab409 AB183
D+ District 14 Dale Kooyenga AB409 AB183
D+ District 25 Paul Tittl AB409 AB183
D + District 28 Adam Jarchow AB409 AB183
D+ District 68 Kathleen Bernier Ab409 AB183

D District 27 Tyler Vorpagel
D District 37 John Jagler
D District 55 Mike Rohrkaste
D District 63 Robin Vos
D District 75 Romaine Quinn AB147/AB183
D District 85 Patrick Snyder
D District 98 Adam Neylon

D- District 6 Gary Tauchen
D- District 70 Nancy Vandermeer
D- District 2 Andre Jacque
D- District 3 Ron Tusler AB183
D- District 21 Jesse Rodriguez
D- District 22 Janel Brandtjen AB183
D- District 23 Jim Ott
D- District 24 Dan Knodl AB183
D- District 26 Terry Katsma
D- District 29 Rob Stafsholt
D- District 30 Shannon Zimmerman
D- District 31 Amy Loudenbeck AB183
D- District 32 Tyler August
D- District 33 Cody Horlacher
D- District 34 Rob Swearingen
D- District 35 Mary (Czaja) Felzkowski
D- District 36 Jeffrey Mursau AB183
D- District 39 Mark Born
D- District 40 Kevin Peterson
D- District 41 Joan Ballweg
D- District 42 Keith Ripp
D- District 49 Travis Tranel
D- District 50 Edward Brooks
D- District 51 Todd Novak
D- District 52 Jeremy Thiesfieldt AB183
D- District 56 David Murphy
D- District 58 Rob Gannon
D- District 59 Jesse Kremer AB183
D- District 60 Robert Brooks AB183
D- District 62 Thomas Weatherston
D- District 67 Rob Summerfield
D- District 69 Bob Kulp AB183
D- District 72 Scott Krug AB183
D- District 82 Ken Skowronski AB183
D- District 83 Chuck Wichgers
D- District 84 Mike Kuglitsch
D- District 86 John Spiros
D- District 87 James Edming
D- District 88 John Macco AB183
D- District 89 John Nygren AB183
D- District 92 Treig Pronschinske
D- District 93 Warren Petryk AB183
D- District 96 Lee Nerison
D- District 97 Scott Allen AB183
D- District 99 Cindy Duchow

F District 5 Jim Steineke
F District 62 Samantha Kerkman
F District 38 Joel Kleefisch AB183

Smoke the Vote
Smoke the Vote

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