Wisconsin 2017 Farm Freedom Act
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Governor Walker Signs Farm Freedom Act into Law

In a press release today, the Wisconsin Legislature in Madison issued a statement regarding the new Hemp bill, called the Farm Freedom Act.


Sen. Testin and Rep. Kremer Return Hemp Cultivation to Wisconsin

Governor Walker Signs Farm Freedom Act into Law

Madison, WI – Wisconsin farmers will have the freedom to grow a new crop next year. The Farm Freedom Act, which enables the cultivation of industrial hemp, was signed into law by Governor Walker today on the heels of its unanimous passage through both the Assembly and the Senate.

Both Representative Jesse Kremer (Kewaskum) and Senator Patrick Testin (Stevens Point), the Farm Freedom Act’s primary authors, were excited about the new opportunities that the bill gives to farmers.

“After more than a year working with farmers, processors, and many of our colleagues to craft legislation to bring industrial hemp back to our state, today’s signing is an exciting time for Wisconsin,” stated Rep. Kremer. “The Farm Freedom Act will serve as a catalyst for new careers and rural hi-tech manufacturing for Wisconsin farmers and entrepreneurs who are poised to become national and global leaders in this industry in the decades to come.”

Senator Testin agreed that the day was a significant milestone for Wisconsin farmers – and that it was a long time coming.

“I am grateful that former representative Eugene Hahn could join us at the signing,” said Sen. Testin. “He was a champion of this bill for years, and he laid the groundwork for today’s success. It’s very gratifying to be able to get this done for Wisconsin farmers.”



Senator Patrick Testin (608) 266-3123
Representative Jesse Kremer (608) 266-9175


Wisconsin 2017 Farm Freedom Act

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