De Pere, Wisconsin
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City of De Pere Alderman making cannabis reform an agenda

De Pere, Wisconsin
De Pere, Wisconsin

Here is a copy of the Facebook post indicating cannabis reform will be a higher priority for the City of De Pere now that Alderman Casey Nelson is on the issue.

I am considering introducing a proposal to draft an ordinance amendment that would change our municipal code to reflect a more common sense approach to marijuana. We currently treat possession of <25 grams as an ordinance violation with forfeiture of ~$370 (with fees and costs) but my proposal would remove any municipal penalty for possession or use of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age in a private place. The cities of Madison and Monona have similar policies in place and I feel that we, as a community, need to have a conversation to determine what place marijuana should have in our society. Our once progressive state has sadly fallen far behind many others when it comes to this issue, but we can send a message to our legislature that adults deserve the right to make adult decisions and that marijuana can have a role both in medicine and leisure. Please let me know what you think!

Casey also reached out the Northern Wisconsin NORML and the chapter is seeking volunteers to also go to the district and do some field work as part of signature drive on the current state bills and make people aware of the local initiative.   We will keep you posted as we know more, but now is the time for the City of De Pere residents and activists who care about marijuana reform to help put the “act” into activism.

Please review the current active legislation in Wisconsin in our “Print Your Own” section of the website and if you are interested in working with the chapter on this project directly in De Pere, please email us at and include De Pere in your subject title.  Thank you!

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