Funding Needed for Decriminalize Oshkosh

Decriminalize Oshkosh

A Go Fund Me Account has been set up for the Decriminalize Oshkosh Initiative.  To donate and read more, please use the following link:, Here is there story:

Decriminalize Oshkosh needs your help to make our community a safer place!   This Fall volunteers collected over 4000  signatures from Oshkosh residents in an effort to reduce the penalty for first offense simple possession of cannabis (25 grams or less) to $25.  The measure did not pass due to some deficiencies in the language.   We would like to try again, this time with just as much energy and excitement, more volunteers, and some legal advise.   Your donation will help pay legal costs associated with correcting the language, as well as educational outreach and marketing.  We are proposing  a donation of $4.20 but will accept any donation, no matter how big or small!.  Please check out our FB page for more information and Thank you for your support!

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