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NORML Aaron Activist Actions are Arousing Awareness

Well it is “420 Eve” (4-19-2014) and this is NORML Aaron checking in with my latest blog post!

Today I will be sharing portions of a project that I did for one of my classes at the Technical College I presently attend. It is an informational speech, but I obviously won’t bore you with the whole “speech” part. My speech, however, is on information as to why it is “high time” that both hemp and cannabis be legalized for ALL reasons. During the actual presentation, I also will be sharing information on how to get involved in various ways.

Moreover, in this post, I primarily wanted to share some photos of the infographic I compiled to serve as a visual aid during my actual in-class presentation. I also will share some info in regards to this visual aid and what is on it, where I got it, so on and so forth. I used a lot of information found right here on the Northern Wisconsin NORML website, as well as multiple other sources. These sources will all be cited when I turn in the final copy so credit can be givenwhere credit is due!

1) Here’s an overall snapshot of the primary visual aid/poster that I put together for this project:

Activism Awareness Poster

2) Here are two close-ups, Side 1 being in respect to hemp and Side 2 in respect to cannabis:

Activism Awareness Poster Information

3) Now, for the info: In regards to hemp, I chose to focus heavily on the Founding Fathers of the United States and how they praised the miraculous crop. I also chose to share a lot of information in relation to the Hemp Seed, such as how it is a fruit (which a lot of people might not know) and also how it is the single most nutritionally beneficial food source in the ENTIRE WORLD. Additionally, I make note of HempCrete and how beneficial it is for the environment when implemented. Plus more, like how our Constitution was documented on hemp-based paper!

As for the cannabis portion of my speech, I will share information on the various methods that cannabis can be consumed, some of the effects on the body, the multitude of strains available and how they can affect people differently–both medicinally and recreationally, the endocannabinoid system, and also some of the new ground-breaking research that’s being put out as of late which shows how wonderful the herb truly is. Plus lots more….there is just so much to cover!

Then, to summarize this informational speech, I will make note of some different ways that people in the audience can get involved if they want to do so. I plan to share the Northern WI NORML website with them and I will also bring along some pamphlets. I will share the Wisconsin NORML web address, NORML.org, a bit of info on The Drug Policy Alliance, some info on Legalize Wisconsin (an active Facebook page that I currently help admin), Americans for Safe Access (which, from what I know about them based on the newsletters I receive from them via email, is an amazing organization), and maybe some more if time permits!

4) Notes about some of the images used on my poster:

-I will be sharing the fact that Northern WI NORML’s logo made it into the “High Times Pot 40”, which I found out about because of reading on www.northernwinorml.org. I have attached a photo from the site of it actually being in the magazine. I feel that this will help provide more credibility for N. WI NORML, which I am backing fully as the presenter of this speech.

-I will be sharing an image taken from the Legalize Wisconsin Facebook page, which shows some activists peacefully rallying at the capitol building in anticipation of the vote in Dane County this past April 1st.

-I clipped some images out of an old issue of High Times magazine that I had sitting around to put on the ‘Cannabis’ side of the poster.

-I put an image of Abe Lincoln containing a quote on my infographic, which I found right here at www.northernwinorml.org.

-I attached various logos to the poster, such as several different NORML logos, ASA’s logo, a Drug Policy Alliance image taken from the web, and a Legalize Wisconsin logo. Each of these has the group’s website address written by it so the audience can take note and access them later.

-Mostly everything else was taken from stock image sources and/or internet searches.

5) In summary, I cannot wait to give this informational speech! Which is a bit crazy, being that I’m definitely not a “speech giving kind of guy”. I hope to share as much information as to why it is “high time” that both hemp and cannabis be legalized for ALL reasons as possible. I also hope to be able to inspire some activism in the audience, and seek feedback in regards to the percentage of people watching/listening who either support or do not support these topic(s), and/or who want to get involved.

Also, I am looking forward to gauging the audience’s reactions and hearing what they have to say overall, while also hopefully being able to provide some insight to questions they may raise at the end. And finally, I will be supporting Northern Wisconsin NORML as I go through the speech-giving process to the fullest extent that I reasonably am able to. I’m proud to be part of such an awesome group!

Happy (early) 420 everyone! Have a wonderful holiday,and be safe!

~NORML Aaron~

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