Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R - Oshkosh)
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Response from Assembly Rep Michael Schraa about medical marijuana

A field activist from Oshkosh forwarded this response from Rep. Schraa regarding medical marijuana reform in Wisconsin.

Thank you for contacting me about the legalization of medical marijuana.  My aide mentioned to me that you also called to ensure that we received your email.  I have a system set up so that every email we get automatically receives a reply stating that we received it.  After that, I personally respond to emails in more detail like this. 

Earlier this year, I met with Judge Scott Woldt from Oshkosh.  Judge Woldt runs the drug court in Oshkosh, a special court to help those convicted of drug offenses to get out of the drug culture and get their lives in order.  Judge Woldt and I spoke at length about the legalization of marijuana, and he presented an abundance of evidence that marijuana use leads more dangerous and addictive drugs.  At this time, I remain opposed to the legalization of marijuana, even for medical purposes.  Nonetheless, I appreciate your input on this issue and I understand your passion for it.

Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R – Oshkosh)

 If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact me again via email at or phone, toll free, at (888)-534-0053. Sincerely, Michael Michael Schraa State Representative53rd Assembly District Email: Office: (608) 267-7990Toll-free: (888) 534-0053 Facebook:

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