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Pie By The Slice Booth is more than a baked sale

WHAT: Baked Sale “Pie By The Slice”
WHERE: From The Land Festival in Green Lake
WHEN: Sat Oct 19th (10-4) and Sun 20th (10-3)
WHO: Open To Public

Pie Booth From the Land NORML (2)
Pie Booth From the Land NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML is conducting a fundraiser/baked sale. The chapter will have a “Pie By The Slice Booth” at the From The Land Festival in Green Lake on October 19th and October 20th, 2013.  Proceeds from this event are going to fund a public service announcement for the upcoming 2013-14 Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Act.  We are currently pricing billboards, radio and television advertising rates.

If you cannot attend the event, but would like to contribute to the funding of the public service announcement, please use the PayPal button below, attend a meeting or contact the chapter to donate anonymously.

Please visit http://www.fromthelandfestival.com/ for complete details of the festival, including other food vendors, artisans, speakers and directions to the event.

2013 From The Land

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