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10-11-2012 Meeting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML

10-11-12 Meeting Minutes for Northern WI NORML

Rich called the meeting to order at 5:35pm.

Jessica read the minutes from last meeting and they were approved.

Rich read the treasurer’s report provided by Jay, who is unable to attend. He provided Jessica with a copy of the treasurer’s report.

Rich suggested that for those who are farther away, they could host a hangout at their house or other location, and invite some friends over to join the meeting online

Rich read the Madison Harvest Fest report. We set up a 10×20 tent at Harvest Fest on Oct. 6-7 and we were able to have room for all of the NORML chapters under one tent. The Texas NORML / Chronic Candy guy is going to send us some stuff also. We gave him a Northern WI NORML shirt. We were also given some hemp materials that will be displayed at our Answers to Energy Expo booth.

Unfinished business: there were new memberships gathered at harvest fest, but we really need people to become more active. We need people to put on presentations, we need board members, we need people to take initiatives on projects and help us with field activism.

Fundraising ideas: Rich displayed books, hemp products and other information at Harvest Fest. Several people wanted to purchase the books but they are for display only. He encouraged those people to ask their library to order the books to get them into the system. He also discussed possibly having a few books on hand to sell for events.

Change for Change: rich is going to make boxes unless someone has a better idea.

New Business:

October is breast cancer awareness month. Breasticle/Testicle Festival in Oshkosh on Wed Oct 24 from 6-8pm at Albee Hall at UWO. Rich thinks that we should go and hand out materials regarding cannabis and cancer. Phoenix Tears, etc.

Oct. 31 is halloween – why not carve a NORML or cannabis themed pumpkin and take a picture and upload it to facebook. Tag Northern WI NORML and Kottonmouth Kings in your pumpkin pics!

Haunted House: we may do a group field trip to a haunted house: if you can get a group of 25 together, there is a 25% discount. There is also a discount if you can get at least 8 together. Nox is the person to discuss this with.

The Cash Hyde foundation has requested help. Any donations would be appreciated. www.cashhydefoundation.com

Hemp Awareness Month is coming up in March – ideas, suggestions, etc are welcome.

Handout material creation – if you are good at creating graphics and other presentation materials, please contact Rich. We need assistance with creating some professional looking materials.

other news: large cannabis grow discovered in Chicago by police helicopters in Pembroke Township. $7M – 2 men charged.

We discussed that for upcoming events such as the answers to energy expo, we need volunteers and supporters to show up in very nice looking clothes. No tie dye, pot necklaces, etc. It’s a completely different crowd and we need to take a different approach.

Rich adjourned the meeting at 6:10pm. Nox seconded that. The meeting was adjourned.

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