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Making the Wisconsin State Square for the Cannabis Quilt Project

Norml Linda here.

I volunteered to do the Wisconsin State Square for the Moms For Marijuana Quilt that will be displayed at the base of the Washington Monument in Washington DC for the marijuana Conference. They say the finished quilt will be 24’x 18′.  Flag size … just like Betsy Ross, to represent 50 states and the Moms who want prohibition to end.

Here are pictures of Wisconsin’s state square coming together.  I hope you like it.

The start… 4 light yellow place mats and one place mat with Herbs, sewn together, with paper of WI laid on just for ideas.
The state has been added. Zippy approved!
Male and female cannabis have started to grow in WI
It’s just a useful plant… “END REEFER MADNESS”
God provided this palnt to heal the earth and the people on in. It is a sin for man not to be using God’s gift.
God’s plants grow… males for HEMP, food, fuel, fiber and the healing of the earth and air … females for medicine and food.
The Earth needs cannabis to survive.
The finished Wisconsin Quilt Square!

I participated in this Cannabis Quilt because I believe the USA needs to legalize all uses of Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana. It is time to END THE WAR on drugs/American citizens. Too many families have been hurt by this prohibition that was based on lies. It’s time for truth to be told, laws changed. I don’t want my grand-children living in a WAR ZONE.

Wisconsin State Square for Cannabis Quilt Project 2012

Moms for Marijuana International in a joint venture with Overgrow the Government organized the;;;; first of our Cannabis Quilt Regional Conferences – In Washington D.C. where they unveiled our beautiful and powerful cannabis quilt .

Ready for D.C. and beyond!

Toke of The Town Author Steve Elliot blogged about the project earlier in August:


Learn more about the Cannabis Quilt, the artists and to view all of the individual state squares at the Moms for Marijuana website –

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