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06-14-2012 Meeting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML

6-14-12 Northern WI NORML Meeting Minutes

At 5:56pm pm, Executive Director Rich Martin called the meeting to order.

Rich asked for the previous meeting minutes to be read by the Secretary.

Jessica read the meeting minutes

Rich called for any corrections to the meeting minutes, and there were none.

Lee introduced a motion that the meeting minutes be accepted.
All in room stated “Aye”.

Treasurer’s Report: Jay is not present today and we received a brief informal report from Rich. Ma’s in Menominee will be stocking Northern WI NORML merchandise as a result of Jay’s networking efforts. For a formal treasurer’s report, we will wait for Jay to address us at the next meeting.

Rich briefly discussed Oktoberfest, the Farmer’s Market, and the Rummage Rumble Flea & Farmers Market in Appleton, as possible venues for activism and selling chapter merchandise.

We discussed the Free Fishing Day event and showed the group picture from the day.

Rich asked if there is any other unfinished business. We then moved to new business.

Nox brought up an idea for El Kabong, the chapter car. July 3rd in Neenah, is the Parade of Lights, a patriotic event that is held each year. You are graded in on your lights, music, patriotism, and other aspects of your presentation. We did just get programmable lights for El Kabong that can be used for this. The best live music will receive a trophy, there are trophies for many different criteria, and there is a $200 cash prize for the best of show. For music, Jessie suggested Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up. Other suggestions are needed.

Linda introduced a motion that we plan to participate in this event. Lee seconded it. All in room said “Aye”. Motion passed. Nox will look into the permits and entry fees needed.

We had a free for all discussion for several minutes and then called the meeting back to order.

Rich has made a handout which he shared with the group that we want to give to new members. It asks questions with the goal of finding out what people are looking for from NORML, what they would like to see happen in the coming months, and how they feel they are able to help the movement to reach those goals. He asked us to look over it and give our feedback / suggestions.

Rich has also created a list of different job descriptions that are currently needed for the chapter, in hopes that members looking for ways to help can look over the list and see who their go-to people are, as well as see where we still need additional help. He gave a brief overview of those positions and members currently volunteering. Again, he would like us to look over the list and see what additions or suggestions we have.

We also need to find a way to attract more lawyers to our cause, to give advice to the chapter, as well as take referrals. We decided to ask a lawyer to come and speak to our group at our next meeting or a future meeting. We would ultimately like to find a lawyer who is friendly to the cause, whose cards we can put into our activist kits (different lawyers per area, if possible).

Jessie addressed the group with her thoughts about social media: we need to create accounts with the following social networking sites: Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and the other top sites. we need to “like”, share, stumble, digg, tweet, pin, etc, stories about cannabis and marijuana prohibition, medical studies showing the benefits of cannabis, and more. Jessie’s idea is to make a “monthly assignment” via the blog, where new members or existing members would be given instructions on signing up for accounts on each of these sites, promoting content on them, and other tasks. Then, when a new member wants to join, they can be shown the monthly assignments and catch up to the rest of us. We discussed this for several minutes and the group seemed to like the idea.

Rich discussed that Connecticut just became the 17th state to legalize medical cannabis. We need 26 states to overturn the federal law. We hope that Wisconsin is one of those states, despite the Jackie Rickert Medical Marijuana Act being buried right now.

Elizabeth, a first time attender of our meetings, brought up Hemp History Week. She said that the Farmer’s Market in Appleton is celebrating Hemp History Week next week! Last week was hemp history week, but the Farmer’s Market was not open at that time. Saturday from 8am – noon would be a good time to wear your NORML shirt and go check it out, and bring us back a field report. Nox brought up a good point: Any who attend should watch, look, listen, etc, but please don’t participate, because it’s not our event and we have been told that we are not welcome at the Farmer’s Market in the past because we are not selling farm produce – we do not want to annoy them or intrude, and we are just happy they are having the event at all. Ask questions if you want to, enjoy the event, but do not interfere or intrude on their presentation.

Rich asked if anyone else has fundraising ideas for the chapter. Brian stated that he already has 3-4 stores in the area who are carrying our merchandise for him. He also needs to call Jay to coordinate a time to get more activist kits and tshirts.

Lee moves to close the meeting. Rich seconded closing the meeting. All in room said “Aye”. Meeting Adjourned.

***we need to update the website to include the membership form – the page moved and we did not notice.

Jessie collected $40 from Brian Halsley to give to the treasurer

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