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Manitowoc area supporter hopes to re-activate in his area

Hello, I'm NORML

Hi everyone! Jeffrey here from Manitowoc just wanted to post a quick introduction about myself.  I was very active in the Milwaukee NORML chapter in the 90’s but unfortunately I moved away and lost touch with everyone.  I just realized that I wanted to get reactive in the struggle to help get this wonderful plant legalized!

Hemp Cannabis has so many useful purposes.  I think that if I am a law abiding citizen who works hard everyday to support myself and my family that I should be able to smoke marijuana after a hard 10 hour day.   Marijuana cultivation, distribution and possession should be taxed and regulated like cigarettes.

See you in the streets!
Re-legalizing hemp cannabis (marijuana) would help the job market, help the national debt and would stop putting non-violent people behind bars!  Well that’s my intro so far hope to start meeting people and taking the word to the streets in my area soon.

Please donate and do not hesitate to email us at should you want to become more active directly in this region of Wisconsin.


Regulate This Plant!

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