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King Of Pain

King Of Pain

For some pain there clearly are no pretty polished words
nor voice to cry a lullaby the ears have ever heard,
no anguish to be shared with others on any given Day
for heartache can remain rooted which time cannot erase.

For some pain solved no medicine can simply light the way
whether physical or emotional it can teach or just betray,
lives are touched by it personally or through another life
living through each episode is a constant state of strife.

For some pain there is more than complications to their wrenching hurt
a stillborn child brought breathlessly unto their deadly birth,
life is unforgiving without anyone directing blame
when the name without the body the only memory remains.

For others pain is temporary and comes in small amounts
as quickly it appears it dissipates then thankfully dismounts,
those who experience this ebb and flow can’t comprehend what others do
whose troubles never go away or what their families and friends go through.

For others pain comes by tragedy as their unwanted tutor
striking in an unknown way upon their darkest hour,
epiphanies can set you free or they can deeply bury
when you’ve lost control of your daily life you’ll discover the depths of scary.

For others pain is fantasy or something they read within an authors book
they’ve never experienced it first hand and had their world shook,
it’s impossible for them to judge the levels a patients misery has been
or understand why some patients demand access to Medical Marijuana medicine.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2012
To read more from NORML Randall here on the Northern WI NORML blog, click HERE.
To read more original poetry by Randall, please visit, www.randallprazuch.com

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