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January 12th marks the first meeting of the year

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Our next meeting is on Thursday, January 12, which is our first meeting of 2012.   Check our calendar of events for updates, things to bring to the meeting, to confirm agendas and to look for upcoming events.

From 4:20pm to 5:30pm we enjoy fellowship as an informal group of supporters gathering together prior to our meeting. We meet at the Harmony Cafe in Appleton, which has food and beverages available for sale.

At 5:30pm we begin our general meeting, which is accepted to last until 7:00pm, sometimes finishing early, but we have the room reserved up till 8pm in case we need to go longer.

NORML Laptop Skins

Meetings are open to the general public and you need not a be a member to attend. Meetings are also broadcast over the Internet via Google + Hangouts.

We will post the link on the Northern Wisconsin NORML Facebook Page once live.

Please consider donating to NORML or joining our chapter () or print some membership forms or signatures pages to support the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act, gather support locally through a membership drive and bring the memberships back to the meeting!

We have been rewarding active activists with rewards and giveaways.

Membership is the key to being a strong chapter and we are currently looking for field directors to work with the Treasurer and fundraising team on specific projects, please contact us at if interested in assisting with this or any project.

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