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Welcome our newest activist team member NORML Alia

alia-norml-water-treeNorthern Wisconsin NORML is a regional chapter for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws serving the Fox Valley, Northern and Central Wisconsin.  The chapter has designed a system to support activist team members in the field.  We are proud to welcome NORML Alia to our team.  She will be working in the Fond du Lac and Green Lake County Areas, as well as providing outreach to areas of Northern Wisconsin where she is originally from.

NORML Alia has been active in supporting reform and has donated to NORML, participated in past events, initiated signature drives, distributed Activist Kits for donations and now has decided to dedicate some additional time and resources to the chapter during the 2012 campaign to push the Wisconsin Medical Cannabis Act  through committee and allow our legislators to vote on the issue.  We need to know where these legislators stand on medical cannabis, we need to you to contact them.  NORML Alia is here to help.

While in the field, NORML Alia expects to canvas and collect signatures in target districts, she will also be distributing information, fliers, activist kits and collecting donations.   She will also be sharing with you some stories in the field and her insights on activism as a blog author for Northern Wisconsin NORML.  While not always being able to attend the monthly meeting in Appleton, her activism is greatly appreciated and we look forward to reading and hearing more about her soon.

Please donate to Northern Wisconsin NORML, as your support, activism and donations are creating a sustainable movement in the Fox Valley, Northern and Central Wisconsin.  If you are interested in becoming an Field Activist Team Member, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You!




Use the National NORML Emailer System to locate and send your legislator a pre-written support letter:


Print Your Own Wisconsin Medical Cannabis Support Forms:


Return any forms to a meeting or contact to arrange a Field Activist Team Member to pick up your signature forms, donations and answer any questions you should have, or better yet invite Northern Wisconsin NORML to speak to your organization, business or table at your event.

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