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Local costs, lunacy of drug war

Last week’s [Region Oct. 18, 2011] article about the Baudette budget problems to fully fund a police department ended with our Sherriff being quoted saying “…safety of area citizens is in jeopardy with the rise in drugs- marijuana, methamphetamines and new drugs like bath salts and Molly”.

During work as a RN in Detox I’ve seen nothing good from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, except marijuana/cannabis. Everyone agrees the brain prior to 20’s is not helped by toxic substances; cigarettes, alcohol, RX drugs , illegal drugs. Doctors weigh the benefit and risk of all RX drugs, yet these too get resold & abused.

For young people I’d suggest Nursing as a job choice, it has many rewards such as the joy of assisting with birth, offering hope/comfort/education to a child or adult dealing with cancer, diabetes or other serious health threats Working holidays and odd hours along with some duties were not pleasant. I’d rate the sadness of turning off life support machines, deaths from accidents and illness the same as dealing with drug/alcohol addicted patients. What I saw about marijuana is that it can not kill with overdose and has numerous medical and social uses, and is in fact safer than cigs and alcohol which we tax and regulate.

Religious leaders, Medical Professional Organizations, Retired Police, World Presidents have called for an end to cannabis prohibition as it does more harm than the plant. Gallup poll last week showed over half the U.S. population say legalize. Legal cannabis will allow farmers to grow hemp to replace imported oil. We can tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. Mostly the sick will benefit from an available safe medicine choice for their MS Pain and spasm, Glaucoma, PTSD, Nausea, Nerve Pain, and chronic pain. We would be safer if cannabis is a taxed/regulated plant and spend less at every level of government budget as well as gain income from the tax and allow police more time to answer 911 calls.


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