My First 24 hours as a commissioned activist team member


My First 24 hours as a commissioned activist team member:

Doing something new is often times scary and exciting. Being the newest C.A.T. on the block (hehehehe) is an awesome experience. Being able to talk to people about the marijuana reform needed in this country is an honor for me.

I had high (no pun intended) hopes for my first night out spreading the word.  I talked to fifty people about four different issues that are dear to me about the marijuana reform. Two forms covering issues with medical marijuana, one to end the prohibition of marijuana, and one for industrialized hemp. For most I didn’t even get out “Hi my name is Kim and I work for NORML” before they would put out their hands and ask “Where do I sign?”  Out of all fifty that I had spoken to in the end they all decided to sign for a change.

I live in a small town with traditional families and family values. The support from the community was almost shocking to me.  It was a great feeling to see people after I had spoken to them discuss marijuana to the person next to them, not only about my concerns but for their own concerns on the issue as well. Who knows if I hadn’t been in that place discussing marijuana if the subject would have even been brought up at all.

Also in my first 24 hours I witnessed an amazing thing. One gentleman politely declined signing after I had talked to him about why I was working for NORML. I went outside to smoke (a cig) and as I reentered the building he came running up to me saying “Where do I sign? I need to do this!” Come to find out a lady had sat next to him while I was outside and started talking to him about her mother with MS. She said how marijuana changed her mothers life by not only controlling her pain but giving her hope once again. All it took was this one woman’s personal story with marijuana to change his mind. What an awesome feeling. I wonder how many people since has he talked to about his new feelings on marijuana? I bet at least one other person has heard his new outlook on things.

So if they fifty people I talked to sat and talked to at least one other person on marijuana reform and so on and so on imagine how fast a change would come. I encourage everyone out there to talk to some one next to you at the bar, at school, at work, anywhere you can about the benefits of marijuana. Small steps today for a better tomorrow.

Please support our continued work at Northern Wisconsin NORML by donating today.  Thank you.


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