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How To Stay NORML


I’ve been away my friends and it feels good to be getting back in to things. Last meeting of NorthenWINORML I was able to test some of the wonderful AV equipment available at Harmony Cafe run non-profit by Goodwill industries  We are able to chat with each member on google+ and we have a live stream during the meetings. With any luck we may be able to do full recordings of every meeting avaliable as well. All of this excites me because that’s what I love to do it’s what I am good at and will bring me joy to help a cause I support wholeheartedly with something I love do personally. I think that’s where we should all look to start our activities if you love to paint and want to help design wonderful signs do that and it will be so helpful. If you can talk and feel that people will listen then grab up some forms make copies and get the word out any way you feel you can safely. There are many ways to help and imagination breeds creativity take what you know and love and make it work for the things you want to change. There has never been a time like this before we need you to do what you love, help where you can, ask how we all can help, and just keep being NORML.


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