Pro-marijuana Author Says NO To Legalization

Pro-marijuana Author Says NO To Legalization

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At a time when calls for the legalization of marijuana, at least medically, are coming from nearly every state in the country, one marijuana advocate says, “No!” The person is author T.A. Sedlak, and his new novel is Anarcho Grow.

The main character in Anarcho Grow had spent a summer doing community development work in Quebrada Grande, a remote village. After college, he returns, deciding he can help the people more through his own program. He teaches them the way of guerrilla growing, clandestine outdoor marijuana cultivation as practiced in Northern California, and soon the community is prospering. With the influx of U.S. dollars, Ben hopes Quebrada Grande can flower into a community to rival the prosperity of Anarchist Catalonia of the last century. However, the C.I.A. catches wind, and soon they’re on his trail.

Sixteen states have currently passed laws allowing medical patients access to marijuana. Many other states have bill proposals in their legislature. President Obama has indicated he will not interfere in states’ rights on the issue, and California has a bill up for full legalization. However, while T.A. Sedlak claims it is just for marijuana to be fully legal in the United States, he argues against it in Anarcho Grow. The reasoning: “Marijuana is a means for change,” he says. “There are many things wrong with our society.

Organizations form to attempt to alter it for the better, but they’re unable without capital. As the great author Kurt Vonnegut once said, ‘Money is very hard to get.’ However, because marijuana is illegal, it is worth a great deal. If these organizations would participate in secret marijuana cultivation, as the protagonist of Anarcho Grow does, they would have the funds to instigate their change.” But couldn’t our government use the legalization of marijuana to change our country for the better. Laughs issue from T.A. “While Obama sold the public on his idea of ‘HOPE,’ he has done little for them. There are more troops in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq does not seem to be slowing, and the use of force in Pakistan has gone up. If marijuana were to be made legal right now, tax revenue would feed the war machine.  Change takes dollars. And if one wants to see change, he or she should head on down to the local grow store, pick up some lights, and make some dollars to be used for change. Become the lobbyist for their own cause.” T.A. Sedlak’s Anarcho Grow isn’t just a fun read but a model for change.

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