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The view from SE WI NORML at the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

The view from SE WI NORML at the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival:

The ultimate celebration in Madison Wisconsin for harvest time. While many people think corn, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, and even pumpkins for harvest time.

In Madison we celebrate Marijuana Harvest each year. Hoping to educate the public and draw attention to the medical marijuana patients as well as the industrious hemp that we used to harvest to produce everything from clothing to fuel.

This year was a GREAT year for the festival. The weekend was a gorgeous weekend for the event. It was sunny and warm and just plain BEAUTIFUL. The crowd gathered as the bands played Saturday. The smell of freedom was everywhere. As I walked down State St. towards the Wisconsin NORML booth (a half mile down the street) I could smell the sweet aroma of the very familiar sweet leaf.  As shown in the picture below the sweet cloud of FREEDOM.

Due to the Wisconsin Badger’s playing Nebraska in Wisconsin on saturday there was a HUGE crowd that varied in age from babies to Seniors. All seeming to enjoy the music and the Festival as a whole. Many vendors were there offering everything from Chinese food to Glass Bongs. And of course NORML was there collecting signatures for the Federal Hemp/Cannabis Bills as well as signatures for the Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act.  Jacki Rickert can be seen below in the front of the march holding a NORML banner. Thank you Jacki for all you do!!

Through the entire weekend I believe there was one ticket given and well deserved I might add. Most fear marijuana and what it will do to State’s and communities that legalize it, even if it’s just for medical use. This festival celebrating Marijuana proves otherwise. While there was alcohol amognst the crowd, with marijuana being the main ‘drug’ of choice there was no threat of violence that is usually associated with alcohol use. Not even a raised voice other than the singing and joy that emmitted from the crowd.

Another reason to END federal prohibition on Marijuana and leave it up to the state to decide what would work best for each state. Here in Wisconsin we could end unemployment putting farms back in business and factories to process the hemp/cannabis.  Adding 1000’s of jobs that have recently been outsourced.  Doing nothing but good for the economy. Eventually ridding us of our reliance on foreign fossil fuel and replacing it with a Hemp based bio-fuel that we can produce right here in Wisconsin year after year. Ending the deforestation of the United States.  Putting Wisconsin back to work and investing in our future. Moving FORWARD.


The beautiful Capitol building in Madison, the ending point in the march, hopefully literally some day.  We need to re-industrialize Hemp as well as re-legalize marijuana in Wisconsin and put our families back to work.  41st Annual Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest and it’s just begun!!  Cheers.

Enjoy this video of the march to the capitol.

While saturday most news was about the bands that played. However, here’s some footage of what Jacki Rickert & Gary Storck had to say!

Find out more at Southeastern Wisconsin NORML.

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