Do your NORML thing.

Do you find yourself thinking “What can I do to show my support for marijuana law reform and to help the cause?” Well here’s your chance. You can contact us directly. We need talent if you have a talent a skill or just anything you think you are really good at let us know. Email NorthernWInorml@gmail.com or you can do the best thing and come to the next meeting in September. NORML Rich was thinking we need to gear up for the harvest fest. Well what does that mean?

It means we need people to help with passing out literature about marijuana, talking about Hemp and Medical Marijuana. What literature? Well that depends. We need to design something with the NorthernWINorml logo on it we need to discuss our organization we need to discuss the plant that has the whole country freaking out. Right now in the current phase of the local chapter there are many ideas. It is time to set goals and plan the way to it as a local chapter our focus will always be on local change but as members of WI NORML and national NORML we should always assist with their endeavors. Our September meeting needs to have talent and drive. I will be bringing wooden sign poles about 16 could be more depending on need. But we also need signs to put on those picket poles. Bring some poster board, cardboard, or even foam board perfect sized board can be purchased at hobby lobby for about $2 a 24″ X 36″ piece in the framing department. If anyone is willing to meet again on another day before the September 15th meeting to help make these let us know when so we can plan a meet up or to come early on the 15th to help. Try to save up some cash because if your going to volunteer for the full event your going to need some where to sleep it is a three day event you know. For the event we will need our most versed members to share their knowledge. The more we know the more we can share if anyone would like to host a cannabis training course please speak up it would be great to have individuals who have extensive knowledge on the subject of marijuana, laws, and reform to be on hand for our go to group when it comes to literature and information.

This is your local NORML people, it’s not able to provide these things because we do not require monthly dues, like say the NRA, all that we have is a modest donation system and our local chapter needs your help to develop. It’s all up in the air right now but remember that every donation of paper, supplies, and time is valued more than you know. So when you ask what can you do to help NORML in your local, state, and national chapters just do what I do….. Just do your NORML thing and share what you have.


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