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How NORML should I be?

Today I had an opportunity to take part in a deferred adjudication agreement assessment that requires I attend weekly sessions for a dismissal of the case. When the interviewers questions turned to alcohol and drug abuse. I stated emphatically I do not use alcohol in any form, toxic drugs are not part of my life either. The interview continued on but then I was asked a question as to whether I take part in any non-profit organizations or beneficial charities for our community. I said I am NORML. I then explained the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws. I also advised her of my medical illnesses, I then informed her that I did not take any medications other than marijuana. I also let her know of anecdotal evidence showing that my symptoms are easily abated through the use of marijuana. She did list the use of marijuana under illegal drug activity…….sigh. This program as I understand it does perform drug testing for individuals who show signs of drug abuse failing a screening is grounds for them to drop me from the program and advise the judge as such.

Those not currently familiar with my living situation I live in low income housing for individuals and family’s with disabilities I was able to squeak in by making the argument that a criminal charge pending against me was just that pending as such I must fully comply with the Deferred Adjudication Agreement set before me if I should fail the program (even just a Urine Analysis) The charges with not be thrown out as offered and I will finally have my first criminal charge. Having that charge on my record would end the assistance I desperately need, without the assistance I would lose the 50/50 placement of my children I recently won and it would put me back out on the streets with no home. I could have lied to save my butt, keep my house, and stay right where I am. But one think rang loud in my head as stated by the T.H.C Tour, well actually it’s in the name… Truth. Honesty. Compassion. I was honest with the assessor I shared the truth about the substance that sustains me and the organization I am working hard to remain active in. I knew the risk but I hoped for a little compassion.

The assessment continued on when completed giving my statements and history. She told me about the programs meeting dates and times the number of sessions I have to complete before I get my certificate. I am not scheduled or required to provide a urine sample at this time.

You never know who’s going to use something against you in your life or just leave things alone and let you pass by without question. However being honest with yourself and those around you and being willing to suffer the consequences of the actions, even the ones you know are in fact improving your life…….. in this lone bloggers opinion. Should be completely NORML.

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