NORML Activism


Activism comes in many forms. There are those with a burning desire to always keep the flow of information about the cause going. There are those who stand up during meetings or public gatherings and share their opinions freely. There are those who do the behind the the veil stuff like running the printer or manning the phones.

Each of your contribute to the cause in your way. I want to thank each and every one even if the only thing you do is sit in on a meeting and never ask a question. You too are helping the cause by soaking up the messages shared with everyone. You are doing your part because I know you will carry that knowledge and you too will share at some point when your are ready. I will speak, that is my calling I will question that is my forte. I will share it is my pleasure. I will stand for another to sit it is my honor. I will never lay down the fight I will never stop sharing I will never lose hope and you know what to me this all seems……..NORML

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