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Worth Repeating: 7 Cannabis Studies That Will Change Everything – Toke of the Town: “Worth Repeating
​By Ron Marczyk, R.N.Since the 1960s, the major milestones our country has achieved are incredible.

We elected an African-American president, women’s issues have made tremendous progress, and gays and lesbians can marry.


But cannabis is still illegal…? Not for long!

As the tsunami of hard empirical positive medical cannabis research builds, it meets the inevitable changing younger demographics of our country, and with the need for new cannabis- based jobs and new tax revenue.

The cannabis legalization tipping point is close at hand!

‘Cannabis is the people’s medicine’ and has overwhelming public support.

Let’s knock this last domino over!

And to that end…

Potential uses for medical marijuana

I would like to highlight several 2011 research papers that discuss the most current findings regarding medical cannabis treatment and disease prevention.

The following medical papers focus on:

• Cancer and colon cancer prevention,
• Inflammatory bowel diseaseirritable bowel syndrome, colitis, Crohn’s disease
• Vomiting from chemotherapy
• Osteoporosis
• Traumatic brain injury
• Heart disease /Heart attack”

So……. Hey DEA about that no Medicinal Value….. I think it’s time “we” had a talk because clearly I can pull 5 verifiable research projects into its value right out of no where.

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