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But is it NORML?

But is it NORML?

Yeah I just linked to my own site. Oh know it’s kind of like dividing by o. I decided there needed to be something to try out since I’m so green at blogging that me sitting in a hot tub while writing would make a mighty fine tea.


I have been pondering a few things. I will be posting things that interest me I hope they will interest some of you as well.

I guess here’s a little about me.

My name is Noxious Karn as I move forward with things it’s feels better to have an uncommon name a persona if you will.

So call me Nox or Noxious Karn.

I’m a Neenah Resident a Texas native born son. I have Two wonderful daughters the oldest 3 and the youngest turning 2 in November. I am a patient both with Physical ailments as well as Mental health Issues. I am a Bipolar. I have kidney and liver cysts i’ve had four precancerous polyps removed from my colon at 27. My father an alcoholic is by my side on this. My mother an activist in another realm is worried I could lose my home and my children. I am 28 years old. I am a recent Divorce’ or will be anyway. I have an older and younger brother with no sisters. I am currently not employed. I am an advocate for Medical Marijuana as well as industrial Hemp. I am Poor but happy. I am struggling to do what’s right as a citizen and as an individual. I am afraid our country has lost its reason to some degree. I am unafraid to stand up if called upon. I am struggling through life. I am Nox, and I am NORML. Just like you.

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