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A NORML Life DVD Documentary and video trailer

NORML or National Organization of the Reform for Marijuana Laws has long advocated the decriminalization of cannabis for over 40 years. Its founder, current leaders and nationwide chapter representatives describe the patchwork of state and municipal laws that allow medical marijuana, while the federal government still regards cannabis as a dangerous narcotic. Voters in the US are increasingly recognizing the positive aspects of accepting and controlling medical marijuana in their communities for its medicinal benefits, as well as for its potential to generate needed tax revenue.

“a NORML life” chronicles the state of medical marijuana in America through interviews with patients, caregivers, activists and doctors. The filmmakers visit locations such as California, Oregon, Washington and Washington DC where cannabis medicine is being regulated for patients. Many interviews were made at Seattle’s Hempfest 2010 and at recent NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) conferences.


R. Keith Stroup, Esq. –
Keith Stroup is a public-interest lawyer who firs smoked marijuana in 1965, when he was a freshman at Georgetown Law School, and has been a regular smoker even since. He founded NORML in 1970 as the marijuana smoker’s lobby in America, and served as executive director of the organization for the first decade, and again from 1994 through 2005. He currently serves as legal counsel, and according to Wikipedia, Stroup remains the most recognizable figure in marijuana policy.

Stephen W. Dillon, Esq. –
Stephen W. Dillon, Esq. – Graduated from Purdue University with honors in 1972. Graduated from Iowa Law School JD. 1975. Actively involved in federal and state court criminal defense work since 1975. Practice primarily focused on drug defense. Has done more marijuana cases in Indiana then anyone else. Has run for office ten times as a libertarian, including governor. Ballot status for libertarian party for secretary of state in 1994. Helped start the FIJA informed jury amendment in Indiana in early 80’s. Been state director or on the board of Indiana Norml since inception 1974. Been on National Norml board for 20 years. Has been Chairman of the Board for Norml for 11 years. One of the original members of the Norml legal committee, which has grown from 6 to over 600 members.

Jodie Emery –
Jodie Emery is the wife of the world-famous “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, a Canadian political prisoner in the USA for selling seeds and funding marijuana activism. Jodie is the director of Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters store, Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, and the BC Marijuana Party vapour lounge. She is also the BC Green Party policing and crime critic, and a candidate in the next provincial election.

Sabrina Fendrick –
Sabrina Fendrick is the National Coordinator for the NORML Women’s Alliance. She has been working at the National office in Washington DC for three years, taking on various roles and responsibilities throughout her tenure. She has been interviewed an featured by several national and international media outlets, including the London Times, BBC Brazil, Salon.com, and the Associated Press.

Gatewood Galbraith –
Gatewood Galbraith is a criminal defense attorney in Kentucky who began writing about the economic impact of returning to cannabis as a cash crop in 1976. He has run for office on several occasions and is an Independent candidate for Governor of Kentucky in November 2011. His autobiography, The Last Free Man in America: Meets the Synthetic Subversion has been called by one ex-Governor, “The best statement of America and Freedom I have ever read.”

Allen St. Pierre –
Allen St. Pierre has worked at NORML and NORML Foundation since 1991 and 1997 respectively, and now serves as executive director of both organizations. St. Pierre is a frequent commentator in the media about all things cannabis-related. He also lectures, writes and edits extensively on the subject matter.


Rod Pitman –
Rod Pitman is an American Film writer, producer and director known for the films Mortified Man, Green, Hempsters – Plant The Seed and Obscura, a short film based on the only surviving directorial film work of Jim Morrison The Doors called First Love. Pitman has executive produced over sixty television shows as well as music videos, entertainment products for Warner Bros. Records, and segments for Warner Bros. television. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Doug Ross –
Doug Ross is a recognized video professional with proven leadership and extensive experience in the conception, production, and completion of innovative, compelling television programs. His work includes the following: Global View series on History Channel International; China: Engineering an Empire on History Channel; Hubble Space Telescope – NASA-TV; Storm Stories – Chicago Museum of Science & Technology; Hawaii’s Chinatown – PBS Hawaii; Founder of Honolulu Municipal Television.

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