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Jacob Sieg shares experience of living through a No Knock Raid after discovering medical marijuana would save his life.

Jacki Rickert has been fighting for medical cannabis rights for years while the war on drugs rages on right here in Wisconsin.  During the recent Cannabis Fair in Kendall, activists learned of a new face in the fight to end this so called war on drugs.  After a few additional words from Jacki, Jacob Sieg, a medical marijuana patient, husband, father and leader of the Eau Claire Area NORML initiative speaks briefly about about his family and their experience with a recent No Knock Raid.

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The Sieg  story entitled A War on America’s Families, in part:

Sieg Family

On June 3, 2011, at 5am my world, my wife’s world, and my children’s world came to a screeching halt when 42 swat officers, several sheriffs and one very cocky drug task force agent executed a no knock warrant on my property. As my 7-year-old son slept in his bed safe and secure, a swat officer smashed in his door with a battering ram and threw it into his room. The battering ram bounced off his wall and ricocheted onto him bringing him instantly awake. The professional swat officers then threw a flash-bang directly in front of his just-opened eyes. As my 12-year-old son started to jump out of his bed from the noise, his door was breeched and a flash-bang was thrown directly in front of him. He was standing in his room almost naked in a daze. He was then forced to the ground with several weapons pointed at him. Shortly after, he was escorted outside and held at gunpoint for almost 15 minuets. My brother, just home from his second tour in Iraq was staying the night in preparation to take the 4 oldest children to an amusement park that morning. He was briefly detained and then finally allowed to gather all 6 children and try to calm them down. In total, 5 doors were rammed, and three flash-bangs were tossed into a home with six children ages 12 and under. Two of those flash-bangs were thrown directly into children’s rooms. The swat department and the drug task force were very aware there were children in the home before they entered it, they had come armed with social workers. My wife and I were both arrested and booked into the Eau Claire County jail that morning. During intake at the jail, my wife and I made it very clear to the jail intake officers that we were practicing Jews and that we only ate kosher. We went beyond telling them our religion and explained what that meant for us as far as dietary restrictions according to our religion. We were denied any food considered clean according to our beliefs during our entire time in jail. Neither my wife nor I ate those 4 days while we were taunted by guards that told us we could choose to eat if we wanted to and laughed and walked away. On my second day in jail, I had my first seizure in over 18 months due to their refusal to give me the only medicine known by my doctors to stop my seizures THC. On Sunday, June 5, I had my third seizure in jail, a Grand Maul seizure. During the seizure, fellow inmates attempted to get the guards attention to alert them to my medical problem. When the nurse finally came in, I was still not completely coherent, and the other inmates asked for help for me. They were told “He doesn’t look hurt, so he is fine” and left. I had soiled myself during the seizure; and when I came to I tried to get a guard to let me shower and clean up. They refused to let me out of my cell to shower for almost 12 hours.


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