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Disabled Veteran and NORML Jay Team Up at A Cannabis Fair in Kendall

The first video is a disabled veteran speaking at A Cannabis Fair in Kendall, Wisconsin on July 23rd, 2011.

His speech is about three and minutes long. Not a professional speaker on the lecture circuit, his impromptu inclusion to the event was great. He spoke from the heart about real life and how cannabis helps.

After Tristan finished speaking, Tammy (Woodpipes Smoke Shoppe owner and organizer of The Cannabis Fair) introduced NORML Jay Selthofner who definitely talked about hemp and cannabis. Jay has been an organizer and featured speaker on the THC Tour. NORML Jay spends the first few minutes addressing some of the basics of activism, hemp cannabis information as well as addressing the re-introduction of The Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act in Wisconsin.

THC Tour
Jay wraps up his speech at The Kendall location of The T.H.C. Tour by discussing the current federal legislation surrounding the Industrial Hemp Act of 2011, States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act and the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition 2011. Along the way, Selthofner gives some friendly advice for field activists to use in their continued efforts and some of his additional insight developed from his work as a cannabis consultant. Spurring the audience to action, Selthofner closed out his speech with a call for action, providing valuable print resources, signature pages and copies of the Medical Marijuana Tax Plan and State Structuring concept sheets.

The video closes out with Gary Storck reporting on Madison area events, including the Madison NORML Birthday, IMMLY Celebrations, Harvest Fest, The Industrial Hemp Bowl promotion, national events and news.

View the entire series of videos taken at The Cannabis Fair on the Youtube Channel for Northern Wisconsin NORML.

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