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A Royal Clark rocks the 420 Concert in Green Lake

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Our Free 420 Concert in the Park on April 20th, 2011 was SNOWED OUT so we had a last minute change of venue. A big thank you to Christiano’s Pizza in Green Lake, Wisconsin for allowing us to take our 420 Concert indoors and into their venue. It was a awesome event, great fellowship and excellent music.  Thank you to all who participated.

Here are some of the highlights from our musical entertainers Dave Sky and A Royal Clark:

This video of the band A Royal Clark and is from the 2nd annual Northern Wisconsin NORML 4/20 concert. A Royal Clark had also volunteered their talents to the 13 Band Cannabis Jam in September of 2010. They are a local band from the Beaver Dam area and you can catch them, well…as the bands Facebook page says best:

The sets are a versatile mix of rock, country, and blues that can really stomp and still get sweet. The tunes are honest, covered in the dust of the towns we’ve kicked around in.

A Royal Clark


To view the entire concert, please visit our Official Northern Wisconsin NORML Youtube Channel.

To listen and watch an awesome performance by Dave Sky, you have to hear “The Joint Song” click here.

And if you want to hear Jay Selthofner, Director with Northern Wisconsin NORML address the audience and supporters at the 2nd Annual Free 420 Concert in Green Lake click here.

Thank you for the support and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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