Willie Nelson
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Don’t Hassle The “Thof”

Willie Nelson

Don’t Hassle The “Thof”

You’ve never heard of the legendary Willie Nelson?
Have a seat and give your ear a quick educational listen.
Sadly not only are Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain,
the Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground will never be the same.

When you understand the numerous uses of Cannabis Hemp
you’ll question our Government how our money is spent,
USA is the land of the free unto those who comprehend it
sadly it’s still the home of a crutched foreign oil dependent.

See Willie speaks his mind about the benefits of bio-diesel fuel
and Cannabis Hemp cause he’s certainly schooled being nobody’s fool,
look into the World’s history and you will also plainly read and see
how the USA was once a leader in the Hemp Cannabis industry.

With so many questions it’s getting clustered for answers to plainly be
if you need more clarification don’t just only cast your eyes at little me,
I recommend a website at your leisure for you all to look and easily see
you’ll find like-minded individuals at the “WisconsinTeaPotParty”.

TeaPot Party Image by Jeff Nichol www.jeffnicholart.com

Here you’ll find no altered Kool-Aid to ever forcefully drink
nor any need for a specialized filter or any water softener,
If you need a name of someone there to now speak directly with
then allow me to introduce you to my Brah NORML Jay Selthofner.

With Jay and Friends I’m not trying to brag or simply just build them up
but they get more accomplished before most drink their first coffee cup,
laboriously each Day they’re helping Wisconsin form a new positive plan
via phone calls, Internet and pulling politician’s heads out of the sand.

What’s that you say, as for me, what do I do?
Helping invisibly behind the scenes is what I simply choose.
Look for me I’ll be On The Road Again with Pancho And Lefty,
folding Pretty Paper with a Red Headed Stranger quietly beside me.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2011
To read more from NORML Randall here on the Northern WI NORML blog, click HERE.
To read more original poetry by Randall, please visit, www.ElectronicPoetry.com

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