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Eau Claire Marijuana Activists announce musical supporters

Eau Claire NORML

The Eau Claire Area NORML Supporters and rocking and rolling with their initiative to start a chapter.  Reporting the progress from their Facebook Page, the hemp cannabis and medical marijuana activists had already made some huge announcements.  One of the community leaders will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Cannabis Fair in Kendall, Wisconsin.  Not only that, but they are going to make sure the local supporters in the area are able to make it to Kendall by having a Carpool and Caravan to The Cannabis Fair in Kendall.  The group has gathered together a temporary board of directors and steering committee which must have helped drive the chapter to make their latest announcement.  The first “Official” sponsor/supporter of the chapter, and I am sure we will be hearing a great deal from these supporters.

The Eau Claire NORML Facebook Page reports:

Bound 2 Break

EauClaire NORML is proud to announce our first Band/Musician official supporter. Bound 2 Break and EauClaire NORML will be working together to spread the word on ending prohibition, as well as some live music for our local gatherings. Visit their page, listen to some tunes and show them your thanks for their support!

and according to the Bound 2 Break official website:

Bound 2 Break is waiting and ready to serenade you into sweet oblivion. Tap into your dark side and let them raise you up and sing away your worries. An all-original, alternative rock band, their lyrics and music will speak straight to your soul like no other music can. They’ll bring you down, they’ll lift you up, and then you’ll come to the conclusion that Bound 2 Break is the band you’ve been looking for. Check out the schedule below and get to one of the shows! Because of their rapidly growing popularity, see them while they’re in your area! It won’t be long..

For more information and to listen to some tunes by Bound 2 Break visit the bands Facebook Page or MySpace Page. So far, my favorite tune is Before We Break.  Supporters look forward to hearing the band at an upcoming concert. Subscribe to this blog via email to stay informed of the latest news in The Wisconsin Cannabis Reform Movement.

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