Green Blues
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Activist Poem – Green Blues

Green Blues

The price of ‘Super Dank’ sadly I can no longer for me afford,
I could use a break my lungs feel tightly wrapped with a hemp cord.
I’ve been gagging and wheezing and coughing for untold numerous years,
this new found abstinence though is bringing me some new found tears.

My phlegm resembles Nepalese hash I overheard someone once say,
I could sell it by the gram and they all would happily pay.
My fingerprints are hidden via Cheetos stained hands,
the munchies are responsible for my over swollen glands.

You’d be amazed how time can grow wings and simply soar on by,
especially when traveling rapidly beyond any schwaggy known high.
No matter how old the dog it always learns a new bag of tricks,
you have a green thumb when your stems resemble dried forestry sticks.

There have been years that I can’t recall ever feeling completely sober,
indulging in top-shelf doober one can wake up feeling a pot hangover.
If you think I’m lying then you haven’t been introduced to this experience,
believe me when I say it’s night and Day between a novice and pro difference.

I’ve met some talented growers who’ve done things that have yet to be seen,
hues of pink yellow and rainbow-esque fusions beyond the ordinary green.
I used to wonder why their talents are secretly kept out of public sight,
until I heard a voice say the Earth’s timing has not yet come to be right.

My breathing has now returned normal without a cackle or gurgly rasp,
I found some money and look at the gooey nug that now rests within my grasp.
Vaporizing plant candy should eliminate future gagging and wheezing my Friend,
exhaling I just realized, hold on, wait; what were we talking about again?

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2011
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