Eau Claire NORML

Carpool and Caravan, Eau Claire activists plan to attend marijuana festival July 23rd

The Eau Claire area marijuana activists are on the move in more ways than one.  During the 2009-2010 push to legalize medical marijuana and pass the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act, supporters in that area attended the variety of rallies held in Madison, participated in statewide awareness events, engaged their local elected officials and developed a following that lead to a very successful ‘420′ Event for 2011.

Eau Claire NORML

Without immediate pending legislation, Wisconsin has become even more active as supporters have spearheaded initiatives statewide.  From Southeastern to Northern Wisconsin, the heart of Madison and the rural country side, supporters cannot sit still any longer.  Events, rallies, meetings, protests, concerts, book signings, festivals, speaking engagements, community awareness, parades and more have already happened or planned for 2011.  A unique opportunity is coming up for some as  A Cannabis Fair is planned for July 23rd in a small town named Kendall and not too many activists are going to miss it.  Eau Claire Area NORML have announced via their facebook page a Caravan to Kendall, WI. for “A Cannabis Fair”

EauClaire NORML invites: anyone interested in cannabis, medical marijuana, or prohibition reform. Everyone is welcome to come along. This is a family friendly event, and will host speakers from all walks of life, including Jacob Sieg from Eau Claire, WI., live music and tons of information. The EauClaire NORML chapter is arranging for vehicles, and some gas to help those that would like to come, but do not have a reliable car. Please do not be afraid to ask about a ride. If you have a legal Wisconsin drivers licence and would be willing to drive a donated vehicle please let me know. If you are bringing your own vehicle and have room please post on the page. Lets get everyone in Eau Claire that wants to attend the event a ride. Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you soon.. Kendall, WI. is 90 miles from Eau Claire, and will take about one hour and fourty-five minutes to travel.

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