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Gavel’s Stare

Gavel’s Stare

Before you judge me a filthy sinner hopelessly lost and guilty
without FAITH IN GOD and doomed to the very depth of hell,
look at life through my eyes and you’ll without question plainly see
before speaking to others how you know me oh so very well.

There once was a time when someone suffering great or small
from disease I felt so far removed from really understanding,
unaware how each life reacts its own distinctively different way
from treatments and prescriptions the sick are always laboriously taking.

Before the age of 17 I had no current voice as I certainly do now
concerning patients that can be helped using Medical Marijuana,
for no disease was disrupting my life for me to be concerned or care
so oblivious we all remain until disease decides to come and find ya.

Cancer forcefully entered my life without a phone call e-mail or text
this unwelcome deadly silent guest made its home inside my beating chest,
a broken child at deaths door I could only shake weep and mournfully PRAY
I lost everything except my FAITH which seems always daily put to test.

GOD ALMIGHTY knows the suffering adventure I had no choice but to walk
and visible or unseen scars are always there for me constantly without request,
reminding me this period of my shattered life I can never repair with any glue
I vowed being a voice helping those whom sickly suffer and wail beating their chest.

Medical Marijuana for me is no joke nor any Cheech and Chong laughing skit
it’s life or death clearly to some and that is where I openly live and sit,
making sure the debilitated have as many medical options for their deserved relief
including Medical Marijuana and the same access as I once long ago painfully did.

To the abusers and scoffers and some judgmental Spiritual conservatives
take a year out of your own healthy life to suffer and wail as I once horribly did,
when you happily contemplate accepting your open mouth around a loaded gun
you’ll understand why TODAY my voice speaks for the terminal dying and the sick.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Treatment / NORML Randall

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2011

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