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New Kiva Loan: El Sanctuario Group

Our NORML chapter is trying to make a difference by making micro-loans to small business owners in countries adversely affected by our drug war. Consider joining our Northern Wisconsin NORML Kiva Lending Team or even forwarding this to a friend.

We have set a goal to reach 25 new members by December 31st, 2011. Won’t you please help us reach that goal? You don’t have to make a loan right away (or at all) but we would appreciate your support as a team member either way. Read more about our goal here.


El Santuario Group: Soila Arroyo Tornez, Elvia Chavez Hernandez, Maribel Vargas Hernandez, Maria Del Socorro Vargas Hernandez, Tomasa Hernandez Gonzalez, Natividad Ramirez Vargas, Faustina Lozano Gerardo, Yarexis Viridiana Santos Adame, Eloina Ramirez Vargas, Maria Santos Suastegui, Teresa Tornez Chavez, Yanet Orosco Carraman, Virginia Vargas Lorenzo, Sonia Ramirez Vargas*( not pictured)

This story is about Señora Yaneth Orosco Carraman, one of the group members. She is 30 years old and married to José Luis, a police officer. They have four children: Chelsi Mariel, José Luis, Félix and Yoctzi Yamel. The eldest two children attend elementary school, second and first grade respectively, while the other two are still too young.

Yaneth has been selling meat and chorizo (pork sausage) for eight years. She says that she chose this activity because she wanted to find a way to help her husband with household and education expenses. Moreover, she wanted to improve her quality of life and have a good financial cushion. She will use her loan to buy more beef and chorizo to continue her sales.

Doña Yaneth’s goal is to provide a very good education to her children. They should study for a degree and get an excellent profession, and thus have a better future. In addition, Yaneth wants to expand her business. She thinks about building new premises for her store with a much greater and diversified offer, and earning a higher income.

She says that all the members of her group are very reliable, responsible and above all hard-working people. Señora Yaneth is thankful to the microfinance institution FRAC and to Kiva, because they have enabled her to have her own business and thus change her life and that of her family. Doña Yaneth’s colleagues are Soila, Elvira, Maribel, María del Socorro, Tomasa, Natividad, Faustina, Yarexis, Eloina, María, Teresa, Yanet, Virginia and Sonia, who are engaged in different activities, such as selling fruit, clothes, fish, groceries, food, corn, meat, tamales, fruit and vegetables.

Read more here: http://www.kiva.org/lend/295226

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