Madison Marijuana March returns to Mifflin St. Block Party April 30

Recently the Madison NORML Examiner Gary Storck reminded folks of the the change in date for the Madison Version of the Global Cannabis Freedom March. Originally the march was scheduled for May 7th and corresponding with the global movement and marches spurred and helped by organizer Dana Beal.

Dana Beal

On two side notes, Dana Beal is in Wisconsin and looks to be here for the marches, but not way we had hoped.  Dana Beal is still in a Wisconsin jail cell, Iowa County Jail to be specific as being reported on the Facebook page Free Dana Beal Free Ourselves.  For those who do not know, New York pot activist Dana Beal was arrested on Jan. 6 with 186 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop in Barneveld, Wisconsin. He and driver Lance Ramer of Omaha, Nebraska are currently be held on $50,000 bond each in the Iowa County Jail (1205 N. Bedette St., Dodgeville, WI 53533).

Hemp History Week 2011

The second point worth noting is that many marches throughout the United States will occur during Hemp History Week 2011.  Organizers of Hemp History Week urge advocates not to confuse marijuana and hemp, as they are promoting the benefits of the industrial uses of the hemp cannabis plant for food, fuel and fiber products.  Hemp History Week seeks to celebrate America’s rich history with industrial hemp and generate strong support for the re-legalization of hemp farming.The second annual event is to be held May 2nd – 8th, 2011.

The Madison Marijuana March has been incorporated into their community and the Mifflin Street Party and this year is no different.  Here is what the Facebook Event Page has to say:

Please note date change! This is the official page for the 2011 Global Cannabis Freedom March – Madison, on April 30, 2011, presented by Madison NORML, Madison’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Madison’s version of the Global Cannabis March starts on Sat. April 30, 2011 around 11:00-11:30 am as activists gather at the State Capitol. The gathering spot at the Capitol will be posted as soon as a location has been confirmed. We will rally there as the Farmer’s Market winds down and around 1pm march down State St. and beyond to the Mifflin St. Block Party, where the march concludes. We had a great time the last two years and hope it will be thrice as nice in 2011!  Bring signs, banners, etc.

In other areas of Wisconsin marches and events for the week and May 7th date are taking hold.  Most noticeable at this time are the Worldwide Marijuana March in Milwaukee planned by Southeast Wisconsin NORML.  The Northern Wisconsin chapter has a regular monthly meeting scheduled and are planning to incorporate a letter to the editor campaign and a visit to a historic hemp mill in our area during the 2011 Hemp History Week.  Hemp based goods are planned to be at our May 3rd meeting as well as our Free 4/20 Concert in the Park upcoming on April 20th.

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