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4/20 Fest in Milwaukee to feature Recalcitrant, Undercover Organism and more

4/20 Fest

Presented By: Paul’s Place & Atomic Glass

Doors Open: 7:00pm
Show Starts: 8:00pm
$5.00 cover at the door
or in advance at:
Miramar Theater
2844 Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211

This is an all ages show. Drinks my be purchased with proper ID

420 Fest



Recalcitrant: (Website)(Facebook)(Myspace)(Reverbnation)

ecalcitrant: “rih-KAL-sih-truhnt”
1: adjective: Stubbornly resistant to and defiant of authority.
2: Reggae/Jam Influenced Milwaukee Music.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Recalictrant brings a funky reggae influenced hip-hop jam rock everywhere they go. Conceived in 2002 as an underground hip-hop project, the group quickly found themselves gravitating towards live performance incorporating musical instruments. While staying true to hip-hop roots, the band began experimenting with different styles, combining elements of rock, reggae, funk, and jam influences to create a sound that is purely Recalcitrant.

With focus on original music that has been described as “progressive reggae”, live performance is always a fun filled energetic event. 2010 found the band sharing the stage with national acts such as, The Heavy Pets, and Cosmic Railroad, and solidifying festival appearances through out the Midwest. Great things are on the horizon, and we invite you to join the fun!

Undercover Organism

Undercover Organism: (Website)(Facebook)(Myspace)(Reverbnation)

Take a laser and point it directly at a watermelon filled with wonder, joy, love, consciousness , hope, excitement, and fulfillment and pull the trigger exploding the watermelon into thousands of pieces. If the watermelon’s seeds were to then planted into every person that was within distance to at least notice the laser, you might have a experience similar to the sound waves created by Undercover Organism.

Mixing electronics with a conventional funk jam band, Undercover Organism has shown that it is capable of raging your face off. Many sets are purely improvised with ever changing sounds, instruments, and musicians. The Organism is constantly evolving and always finding new ways to keep the crowd moving. You won’t know until you own a laser beam or see the show.

Openings:  Mark Hubing & Band of Light, River Water Tribe, Happy High Time with the High Master, Mid-East Belly Dancers

There will be Vendors! Southeast Wisconsin NORML! Activist Info! & More!  Raffle Drawings For Great Prizes!

All you hippies come celebrate! Peace, Love & Highness!

On this special night to honor the green plant!

SE Wisconsin NORML

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