End of February will see three meetings for NORML throughout Wisconsin

As February draws to an end, we are happy to report on the continued growth of interest in the Wisconsin Chapter’s of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  Wisconsin is a huge state and although not every community will have a NORML chapter, but the movement in Wisconsin is growing to serve a great deal of the state.  The arrest of Willie Nelson spawned “meet-up’s” of activists nation wide and Wisconsin mainstream media covered the Montel Williams medical marijuana “pipe” episode, keeping marijuana in the news and a hot topic.  With individual activists and leaders networking together, performing outreach meetings and field work in their respective communities, the message is being heard throughout the state.

Plans are also in motion for 420 concerts and events on April 20th, additional areas may participate in the Global Marijuana Marches in May and are set with Facebook events.  The first weekend in June will again see a NORML fishing day and potluck picnic.  There is a renewed effort to make Harvest Fest in October bigger and better.

Yet other activists throughout Wisconsin are reaching to each other and their elected officials in efforts to move forward reform.  After the failure to pass industrial hemp or medical marijuana legislation during the last session, perhaps a decriminalization bill is what the state legislators could swallow.  Our field workers way up north report that newly elected State Assembly Representative in the 74th district, Janet Bewley has taken interest in the topic of marijuana reform.  Bewley has been reported as supporter of marijuana reform in the past and activists look forward to uniting up north and joining the ranks among chapters in Wisconsin and ultimately help obtain reform for marijuana laws.

As February approaches a close we can report on three NORML meetings occurring.  On February 22nd, the group from Northern Wisconsin NORML will conduct their monthly meeting at 6:30pm at the Berlin Public Library.  The following week February 28th Madison NORML will hold their regularly scheduled biweekly at the Wil Mar Center Youth Room in basement from 7-9pm.

The Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin activists have been working hard to organize.  They have conducted regularly meetings since the first of the year, at times braving the blizzard like conditions.  As the interest in forming an organization has remained high they expect the group to evolve quickly as the weather becomes more pleasant in Wisconsin.  In the meantime, as they begin the formal paperwork process, leaders invite you to attend a meeting and explore opportunities available.  They will meet again on February 28th at 6:30pm at the Brewing Grounds for Change in Milwaukee.

Facebook Page for SE Wisconsin NORML

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