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What is Weed? A Plant of Moderation for the Nation

What is Weed?

What is Weed?

A Plant of Moderation for the Nation

Employment Manger: “Weed is one of the best employment makers we have. Since re-legalization, weed has made over a million jobs. And those jobs are distributed in a communities all over the country.”

Tax Collector: “Weed is a might important tax payer. Public revenues from weed exceed 400 million dollars a year…..more than a million dollars everyday! And remember, weed taxes make other taxes lower.”

Farmer: “Weed is a real boon to the farmer. Since 1933, the growing industry has used annually the crops of 3 million farm acres. A good customer and a new market…..a life saver for many farmers in recent lean years.”

Average Citizen: “Say listen, you fellows. You think you know what weed is. I’ll tell you what you weed really is. To me, and to millions like me, weed is just one thing…a grand plant.”

Business Man: “The return of hemp with weed has brought increased business volume to more than 100 industries supplying materials and service, making more jobs for workers. Hemp benefits business everywhere.”

Housewife: “I’ll tell you what weed is…..an ideal thing to use for entertainment at home. And here’s a tip…..It’s smart and economical to serve weed at parties….keeps them on the moderation side, too.”

Doctor: “Weed is an appetite builder, often prescribed for convalescents. It’s mild and wholesome; perfect for patients in moderation. You’re not likely to experience harsh side-effects if you stick to weed.”

Police Chief: “Weed is on the side of law and order…the growers are actively cooperating with enforcement officials to stamp out any conditions not in the public interest that may exist where weed is sold.”

Dispensary: “It took centuries of experience to learn how to cultivate weed as good as it is. Now we want to keep weed retailing as wholesome as weed itself. We have a mighty interesting program, and we’d like to tell you about it.”

Poet: “Ah weed! The plant of kings….nectar of all mankind. Compounded from warm sunshine falling on fields of golden green. It is a plant of friendship, good company, and good inspiration.”

KNOW THE FACTS….. You should inform yourself as to the program of the growing and dispensing industry, in cooperation with law enforcement authorities to “clean-up” and “close-up” the small minority of law-violating places which abuse the license to sell weed. The growers want to protect your right to buy weed in decent, respectable surroundings.

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